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Welcome to BIG MEGA Renewable Energy – creators of innovative energy networks, infrastructures, and solutions, aimed at promoting global sustainability and climate protection. Founded by two publicly held real estate leaders - BIG Shopping Centers Ltd. and MEGA OR Holdings, we leverage our combined professional management infrastructures to competitive advantage and sustainable business growth.

Our vision is to Establish a growing and developing renewable energy company, based on professional management infrastructure, which lead to business and financial growth in accordance with the company's strategy.

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We strategically acquire and execute renewable energy projects, leveraging our expertise, financial strength, and streamlined project development to bring clean energy solutions to market.


By integrating innovative technologies and leveraging BIG’s diverse asset portfolio spanning Israel and abroad, we optimize on-site energy production through the implementation of micro-grid models, encompassing solar energy, energy storage, natural gas engines, EV charging infrastructure, and more.


Our strategic investments encompass various forms of renewable energy projects, including solar fields, wind farms, hydroelectric installations, geothermal initiatives, and other sustainable energy ventures. We primarily focus on the Balkan and Eastern European regions, where our company, has established a strong presence and brings substantial added value to the renewable energy sector.

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Ovidiu Balasa

Country Manager, Romania

Since December 2023 we have connected 2.44 MW of PV on the rooftop of BIG Novi sad shopping center in Serbia

Dejan Košutić

Project Director And In Charge On Community Relationship North Macedonia

Zoltán Egyházy

Project Management Analyst

Tomer Nir

VP, Head Of Europe

Ofer Talmon

Business Development Manager PV Rooftops - Eastern Europe

Yosi Mizrahi

Business Development Manager Israel

Yaniv Shmueli

Business Development Manager Israel

Hadas Lasri

Corporate Secretary

Eran Davidi


Yossi Edelstein


Golan Aine

Deputy CEO Mega Or

Dani Kaplan

VP Energy BIG Shopping Centers

Asaf Gelbard


Almir Ajanovic

Country Manager Bosnia & Herzegovina

Alexandru Stefan Radu

Country Manager Romania

Ivan Pishmanov

Country Manager, North Macedonia / Business
Development Manager Bulgaria


Solar Business Development Manager Serbia & Montenegro