Pioneers in C&I PV rooftop systems since 2011, we've leveraged BIG and Mega Or Holdings' vast portfolio to a competitive advantage by developing 25 MW power on its assets, while an additional 50MW will be completed and operating by the end of 2024. We have also recently launched the installment 25 MW of PV Rooftop Systems on BIG's assets in Serbia, while our first project of 3.5 MW in Novisad will be completed by mid-2023.

our projects

BIG Krayot

Total capacity: 1835 KW

BIG Fashion Yarka

 Total capacity: 700 KW

BIG Karmiel

Total capacity: 1515 KW

BIG Kiryat Shmona

Total capacity: 974KW

BIG Tiberias

Total capacity: 624 KW

BIG Be’er Sheva

Total capacity: 2465 KW

BIG Rishon LeZion

Total capacity: 860 KW

BIG Afula

Total capacity: 314 KW

BIG Eilat

Total capacity: 1,650 KW

BIG Yokneam

Total capacity: 969 KW

BIG Kiryat Gat

Total capacity: 755 KW

BIG Fashion Ashdod

Total capacity: 743 KW

BIG Fashion Beit Shemesh

Total capacity:  300 KW

BIG Beit Shemesh

Total capacity: 611 KW

BIG Yahud

Total capacity: 491 KW

BIG Regba

Total capacity: 102 KW

BIG Kastina

Total capacity: 560 KW

MINI Kiryat Yam

Total capacity:  255 KW

Hanamal Logistics Center Modi’in

Total capacity: 600 KW

MEGA OR Modi’in

Total capacity: 240 KW

Novolog Logistics Center Modi’in

Total capacity: 300 KW

MEGA OR Rami Levi Ariel

Total capacity: 205 KW

Roladin Logistics Center Kadima

Total capacity: 614 KW​​

Shufersal Logistics Center Modi’in

 Total capacity: 300 KW

Orian Logistics center Modi’in

Total capacity: 300 KW

MEGA OR Modi’in 1

Total capacity: 614 KW

Kibbutz Gat Logistics Center

Total capacity: 885 KW

Rami Levi Logistics Center Modi’in

Total capacity: 300 KW

MEGA OR Rami Levi Netivot

Total capacity: 300 KW

Logistics Center 17 Shilat

 Total capacity: 135 KW

Logistics center Misgav Dov

Total capacity: 296 KW

MEGA OR  Be’er Sheva 

Total capacity: 296 KW

Ikea Logistics Center Ashdod

Total capacity: 296 KW

Orian Logistics Center Kiryat Ata

Total capacity: 377 KW

Logistics Center 35 Shilat

 Total capacity: 285 KW​​

MEGA OR Ashkelon

 Total capacity: 296 KW

MEGA OR Rami Levi Afula

 Total capacity: 314 KW

Ofer Avnir Logistics Center Modiin

Total capacity: 700 KW

Nisko Logistics Center Modi’in

Total capacity: 613 KW

MEGA OR Kiryat Motzkin

 Total capacity: 314 KW

Ovidiu Balasa

Country Manager, Romania

Since December 2023 we have connected 2.44 MW of PV on the rooftop of BIG Novi sad shopping center in Serbia

Dejan Košutić

Project Director And In Charge On Community Relationship North Macedonia

Zoltán Egyházy

Project Management Analyst

Tomer Nir

VP, Head Of Europe

Ofer Talmon

Business Development Manager PV Rooftops - Eastern Europe

Yosi Mizrahi

Business Development Manager Israel

Yaniv Shmueli

Business Development Manager Israel

Hadas Lasri

Corporate Secretary

Eran Davidi


Yossi Edelstein


Golan Aine

Deputy CEO Mega Or

Dani Kaplan

VP Energy BIG Shopping Centers

Asaf Gelbard


Almir Ajanovic

Country Manager Bosnia & Herzegovina

Alexandru Stefan Radu

Country Manager Romania

Ivan Pishmanov

Country Manager, North Macedonia / Business
Development Manager Bulgaria


Solar Business Development Manager Serbia & Montenegro